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Embryo in Motion - The Embryo in us

"The body develops from us, not the other way around. We created our body, cell by cell, we created it" (Rumi 1207-1273). We are not 'made', we are a being of Mind AND body. More than a self-programming genome or a walking around brain. And surely we are NOT  super-complicated, consciousness-producing, bio-machines. We are living beings and every living being is more than a spacial-physical body but realizes itself, a life long, a body as appearance or emergence in time. No robot ever will be capable to that. Our existence starts as (when we are) embryo. Here is a different perspective on our prenatal existence. Conventional scientific embryology is extended to an "embryosophy': not only causes and explanations but also to give meaning. 
Two more "messages". Our children do not come FROM (by) us but THROUGH us. And: humankind did not come from evolution (product of) but emerge through evolution 
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